MVest Finance Estate Planning Service

It is estimated that you will spend 76 800 hours building your estate. If you don’t spend at least 2 hours planning it, you could waste up to one quarter of your estate on unnecessary expenses and taxes. What’s more is that your heirs/dependants may never receive what is due to them.

Estate planning, Wills and Trust Services play an increasingly important role in the financial planning process of affluent clients. MVest Finance is an independent Financial Services provider offering a range of comprehensive, plan-to-implementation, Estate Planning Solutions.

Our services are offered directly or through access to a number of selected fiduciary services providers locally as well as offshore.




We are remunerated by means of fees and commissions.  Please find below a guideline.

The first hour of the consultation will be free of charge, which will provide both parties the opportunity to meet each other, understand the Estate Planning Process, and give an indication to proceed with the relationship/process;

Thereafter, it is preferred and more cost effective that most planning/documents that are needed etc are handled electronically via email.  It is not necessary to meet with you at every point of documentation requirements etc.;  Once we have all the information on hand, an estimate cost will be provided to the client;


 Complex Estate Plan (minimum)  R9500
 Simple Estate Plan  R3500
 Preparation of a Retirement Plan (per hour)  R950
 Preparation and Planning of an Estate Plan (per hour)  R950
 Consult Fee after initial Consultation to present (per hour)  R850
 Draft a Last Will/Living Will  R750


 Legal and Compliance Audit  R2500
 Risk and Governance Audit  R2500
 Substitute Trust Deeds/Deed of Amendment  R3500
 Trust Deed Drafting  Cost on Enquiry

*The above fees exclude travelling time/costs; The above excludes VAT.